Art of Seduction

Opening the body to all its greatness, pulling back the curtains to access all its dreams, doors and poems is indeed an art.

We are all about being desirable, but are we connected to our authentic inner self and desire? Reversing seduction not towards the other or another external manifestation, but turning the process of seduction towards ourselves requires practice and… delicious affection for ourselves.

The Art of Seducing You was born about 20 years ago, in the commitment to myself to dare to be MYSELF. As I had no idea who I was, I began to dare to take off the superficial layers that inhabited me, the ones that no longer fit me. Always focusing on the body and its dignity, I planted a garden of kind bodily exploration, watered with the spirit of Burlesque.

I offer you all this experience through a unique method that combines ritual, body connection, complemented with the friendly and seductive world of Burlesque.

From this I have extracted a powerful elixir to heal the strange relationship we have with the body and with our feminine sexual alchemy.

If you feel you want to know more about the Sensual Self that dwells within you, and to safely hold this potential in an entertaining and fun way I offer you:


Group face-to-face

In this workshop we will transit and shed light on those “inappropriate and uncomfortable” aspects linked to our sensual nature, eliminating clichés and going to the essence.

Based on ritual, performance and burlesque, we will place the body and its sensual passages in a place of self-love, self-seduction, celebration and self-esteem.

Through Burlesque, I will introduce you to this seductive and engaging world so that you can get to know more about the sensual balm that dwells within you.

I will share with you playful tools and liberating dynamics, so that you can apply them in your own life.

Private Coaching

I offer you a journey designed especially for you, where I accompany you to re-signify your sensual nature, and place your Sexual Power in a place of celebration and self-esteem.

The mission of this coaching is to make you aware of other gifts and open you to new inner sensual passages.

I will share with you tools so that you can apply them in your own life, to make it a creative act: solemn, fun, elegant and effective.

Some details of what we will address:

– Disinhibition and Fantasy. Exploration through the alter ego to awaken new versions of yourself.

– Sensuality and seduction. Get to know your Sensual Self and learn how to use strategies.

– Striptease, Get to know the art of “Tease”. Play, direct, connect.

– Basic steps of Burlesque

– Feel the commitment of your authentic artistic, sensual and creative existence.

For this we will be playing through dynamics and continuous interactions.

It is the gift that a woman gives herself to connect with the beauty of her Sensual Self.

Duration 1 month: face to face and online.

Truth in art is not a putting on but a taking off, it is not a composing but a tearing apart.
Federico García Lorca

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After four years of continuous training with Beti (to be consciously fit and beautiful) I asked her if we could delve a little deeper into areas that were uncomfortable for me.

She asked me if I dared to seduce myself, to get to know and express that erotic, sensual and warrior part that belonged to me.

I accepted his proposal and let myself go for eight intense sessions where I discovered the multiple versions of myself, which together make me who I am. Recognising them helped me to understand how I act according to which one is predominant at any given moment or according to the strategy of the situation.

I discovered that in order to seduce others and capture their attention (both on a sentimental and professional level) I first had to know how to do it with myself.

Beti showed me the way to be a strong, confident, warrior, sensual, erotic, flirtatious and seductive woman.

I understood that everything can be in the same bowl, in the same individual, in the same being.
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I am happy to share my experience of the Art of Seduction Private Coaching with Beti.

There was indeed a before and an after: for me it meant an awakening of my body and consciousness as a woman that had been asleep for some time.

It helped me to feel my body accompanied by its beautiful dances. It allowed me to inhabit the woman I am.

I discovered my power.

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