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Zen Femme

How did Zen Femme come about?

Zen Femme Training was inspired by a dream: to see and admire women embodying their potential, reconciled with their bodies, allied with their self-healing capacity.

My artistic career in London, in parallel with the development of teaching activities to support women in precarious social and emotional situations, awakened in me a deep need to delve deeper into the mechanics of the body. This search led me to live for 6 years a conscientious training based on the Millenary Zen Tradition and Bodybuilding (ZenPower). From these years I gained the skills, knowledge and transmission to be shared with other women.

Zen Femme is a balm that fuses and distills two Arts: the Art of training + the Art of Seducing you.

I offer exclusive but accessible services through: online trainings, face-to-face workshops, self-seduction coaching and 3D art & meditation experiences.

How do we start?

· With enthusiasm. It is the first door to access yourself.

· Second, contact me: via whastasapp, or fill in the questionnaire with any questions you want to ask me.

· I offer monthly open online complimentary training sessions. They are an Introduction to Zen Femme training. Try them out and meet me live.

· You can also book a private Consulting session to get to know us and design your Zen Femme plan.

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About Beti Pindado

This is BETI PINDADO, born in 1974.

The body has always been the focus of my research, academically, artistically and therapeutically.

I have a degree in Art History from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Universitá Degli Studi di Trieste (Italy).

Higher Diploma in Arts (HDIP, focused on Body Performance) and MA in Hispanic Studies, specialising in the work of Federico García Lorca and his link with the world of Flamenco and Duende, both from UCC, University College of Cork (Ireland). I also have a Diploma in Foot Reflexology from the Thuban Group, Clinic and Centre for Higher Studies in Natural and Manual Therapies, Madrid.

For the last 15 years my priority has been to accompany women to cultivate their bodies as the work of art that they truly are, endowing them with greatness, power, sensitivity and beauty.

From 2018 to 2022 I have been responsible for ZENPOWER’s Women’s Online Training area, training women from all over the world to achieve their maximum emotional, physical and mental performance.

In 2023 my most personal project was born: BETI PINDADO: Zen Femme Training, where I design exclusive programmes for women. I help women to discover and integrate their maximum exponent of efficiency, attitude and above all to the fullness of KNOWING that they are unique.


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