I welcome you to this space that is appropriate and focused on the frequency of women’s energy and sensitivity. Trainings and experiences that will help your strength to project and generate absolute beauty. It is time to feel that woman embodied in her most powerful version. I propose you:

On-line Trainings

I provide a poetic and transcendental vision of what it means to train the body through body mechanics techniques based on the millenary Zen Tradition and Bodybuilding. Muscular without loads, through the powerful and resilient feminine mind.

Be Art Zen Experiences

It is a face-to-face experience, combining training with 360° spatial audio accompaniment that enhances the sense of immersion and helps participants connect with their body fully in the here and now.

Art of Seducing You

 open the body to all its greatness, to open the curtains to access all its dreams, doors and poems is indeed an art.

The body has always been the focus of my research, academically, artistically and therapeutically. I have a degree in Art History from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Higher Diploma in Arts (HDIP, focused on Body Performance) and Master in Hispanic Studies, specialising in the work of Federico García Lorca and his link with the world of Flamenco and Duende, both from UCC (University College of Cork, Ireland). For the last 15 years my priority has been to accompany women to cultivate their body as the work of art that it truly is, endowing it with greatness, power, sensitivity and beauty. From 2018 to 2022 I have been responsible for ZENPOWER Online Women’s Coaching, training women from all over the world to achieve their emotional, physical and mental peak performance.

This is Beti Pindado

My Zen Femme say...

These are the latest comments about Beti Pindado Zen Coach Training

María Pavón
María PavónPsychologist
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With Beti you practice a discipline that combines body and mind work.

With her I have achieved definition and strength both physically and mentally. Each session is a reset in which after an intense workout you return to your centre.

Beti helps you to transcend your limits with care, respect, sensitivity and optimism.
Blanca Miedes
Blanca MiedesLecturer in the Department of Economics at the University of Huelva
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One of the positive things about the strange times of pandemic was the opportunity to enjoy online classes with Beti Pindado.

It is a wonderful practice to connect with your inner source of power by concentrating on its sensitivity and intensity. With this you feel with your whole body that this power is in you and that you can reclaim it when you need it.

It is amazing how over time your physical and emotional strength intertwine in such a way that the activation of one immediately activates the other.

The classes with Beti are a real journey towards you guided with great delicacy.
Ana Isabel
Ana IsabelNaturopath
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In 2022 I had my first group training experience with Beti. The first day I found it difficult to connect with the posture, my mind said "I can't", and when my body was about to respond to that thought, undoing the posture, Beti's voice came to me like a balm, guiding me to bring out that unused strength that is inside me.
My body has been gaining strength, flexibility, conscious posture, and my mind has begun to recognise its own strength from the kindness of the word (words that Beatriz sowed and I water every day) and very importantly by letting go of the complaint and the "I can't".
I would recommend Beti as a guide to cultivate the body and mind to all people, to those who have tried meditation and can't, and to those who are not satisfied with other practices to make the body more flexible and take care of the body as well, because this is something else. This is integral and effective on a daily basis, as you find and recognise your own strength and power, and when events don't happen as you expect or want them to, that's when everything you have learnt and integrated comes to the surface. And muscles that I didn't pay attention to before, now give me signals that help me to draw strength, stability, and words from those muscles to the brain, discovering my own power. I recommend it so much that in September my daughter, 14 years old, also started it and she is equally delighted. Thanks for everything Beti!
Tatiana Martín
Tatiana MartínExpert communicator in emotional work in conscious teams in a professional environment.
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Training with Beti is for me an integral experience... she brings together many disciplines from different levels, physical, mental, spiritual and energetic.

Doing it in a group is a plus because of the motivation and the contagion it brings, as is her taste for beauty. Training has become for me a poetic and sacred act, where I anchor this wisdom in the psychorcoporal Consciousness. Her vision of training with an emphasis on the needs of a woman's body makes me want to train in my daily life to cultivate and remember my gifts as a woman.

Thank you Beti always 🌹
Miriam Costa
Miriam CostaTherapist
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I have been training with Beti since 2019. Although we have a screen and many kilometres between us, she faces and transmits the training every day in a conscious way to strengthen this work in me, not only physically but also mentally.

Beti detects at each moment what I need to explore, she recognises which part needs to be worked on, modifying everything that perhaps I had planned for the session. I see this factor as very necessary because the sensitivity of the body is changing and so are the needs of the body.

The experience of working with Beti has been great. I never thought that so much could be transmitted and perceived through a screen.

Thank you Beti
Maite Fuentes
Maite FuentesCommunication and International Relations
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"Beti is the trainer you want to have, simply because she is a great professional and at the same time has the empathy to know what you need at all times.

In every class she brings out the best in you, motivates you, recognises your work and always has a smile and a great sense of humour to accompany you throughout the whole process".
Mabel Barrientos
Mabel BarrientosTherapist and Women's Circles Facilitator
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My name is Mabel Barrientos, I have spent a lifetime exploring the potentials of the human being through various psycho-body approaches. I have practiced and facilitated for years several disciplines, but the practice of Zen Femme is the beginning of a new paradigm for me.

This training goes beyond that. Zen Femme has rehabilitated my physical and mental body, bringing vitality, lightness, clarity and health. Beatriz's accompaniment and guidance in the personalised practices are for me the exquisite gift I offer myself. Each practice is a journey of revelation and transformation.

It is to taste the energy circulating, expanding, to feel myself dissolve and in that moment exist more than ever, to feel life vibrating so high, cleansing, renewing cosmic memories, or simply to be at peace.

Zen Femme is for me a mystical healing.

Open your body to its greatness

and all your dreams

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